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Hello! As I write this I am still hopeful to release a dramatic playthrough this week. Yes, I have learned to be careful what I promise because life in so unpredictable. I have recorded narrative thus far but I've found that stopping time to put together and share something fun is easier said than done.  I know it's a hobby and something that I really enjoy doing but real-life drama seems to swallow everything into it's stupid, gaping hole.

A brief history of the Dwarves beginnings and why Khazad-Dum was carved in the Misty Mountains. We take the Way-Back Machine and venture from the Dimrill Dale to the end of the first scenerio in the expansion: Into the Pit. It's a cheesy adventure you don't want to miss!

Tragic the Blathering has some wicked vids of the Ziggy Miner deck in action /shudder.

Check out The Lord of the Rings Lego hotness! Surely this will be the summer of broke for me...

We talk about Moria, Balin's expedition and it's fate and a little about Dain Ironfoot. All done in a very unorganized and confusing manner. Just me and Kevin talking Dwarves, wrought with obstacles.

45 minutes you'll never get back...


Well everyone, the holidays are over and family has departed the long road home. I've had my wisdom teeth removed (all 4 at once) and the healing is a bit slower than I hoped. I also got word from my local shop that Khazad-Dum was expected today but wasn't on the truck so we'll have to wait until Monday to pick it up. All these circumstances bring about delays in bringing another episode butwe're getting back on track and looking forward to putting out episode 10 in the coming week.  For those of you who have the expansion and are enjoying it, congratulations! For those that are like us and are still waiting, chin up, it'll reach you soon!

We've got a preview of, what I believe is, the first scenerio card here and we're excited to lay out the beginning of our journey in our next episode. We won't be spoiling any cards (hopefully!) but we'll help you get your bearings as you begin to delve deep into The Black Pit...

If you're like me and have been checking the status of the Khazad-Dum expansion daily, you noticed that Fantasy Flight Games updated it from "On the Boat" to "Shipping Now". Now, if you aren't like me and you can actually be patient while new product is moving across the world, here's what that means:

"The product is being shipped from the FFG warehouse in Minnesota to stores and distributors. This process takes between 7-10 days for the US, or a few days longer in Canada."

This afternoon, I went to my local game shop (which has been my regular shop for the last 20+ years) and placed my order. It was the owner's mom (I assume they're all owners but I'm not wanting to name names here) and she was writing my order down on their form. You see they still have an old 2010 order catalog that doesn't have the LOTR LCG listed but they keep going to that catalog when I come to order; hence the form. It's fine. No really, it is. It is because I get to chat and pick up a few of my comics I have a subscription to (go, go Atomic Robo) and connect.

Anyway, she said, "So you'll be wanting 1 copy then." I smiled at her and before I spoke a thought ran through my head: "I get to order 3 copies of the expansion: 1 for our contest winner, 1 for Kevin and 1 for myself." I felt really good about that. It's been a long time since I've felt like part of a community of really cool players that like to play a game face to face or chat about their adventures online. Hey, it's been along time since I've got to share a great game with someone outside of my immediate family!

In anticipation of the Dwarrowdelf cycle, Kevin and I are gearing up for our trip to Moria. We're looking forward to stopping to see the magical and mysterious Elves and passing through the land of the proud, noble Men. Before we start our journey we're looking forward to changes that are coming and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. It's going to be a fun and exciting trip and I hope we meet some new faces along the way.

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