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As the Dwarrowdelf cycle winds down (already!?), we are taking the extra week to prepare for our end of cycle Top Ten lore cards. It's a tough one, believe me. So many cards, so little time.

See you Sunday!


News? The Hobbit: Overhill and Underhill is getting some article love. Check out the FFG website for info on the upcoming "Saga Expansion". While you're there, download v1.3 FAQ now available!

With the coming of the last AP in the Dwarrowdelf cycle, Shadow and Flame, we thought it prudent to discuss Master Elrond and his ring of power, Vilya (both packed in the AP).

We gave an open invite to Caleb Grace -Lead Designer of The Hobbit, Overhill and Underhill-, Nate French and Lukas Litzsinger to come on the show and answer questions about game design and the creative process. Proof of how vain we really are. /fingerscrossed

Lego much? http://tinyurl.com/75qc9mg

Hero card spotlight: Elladan and Elrohir, Hama and a little Aragorn (Lore) and the sword of kings. Then for a light hearted fan-expansion featuring Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Thanks to Chris for the submission!

How about we get through Moria a little more? In part 2 of our scenerio-based live adventure, we find the fate of Balin's colony and make a harrowing escape! (The adventure starts at the end of Episode 11).

Thanks for waiting on us, let's get right to it. We travel through the first 4 Adventure Pack scenerios and fill you in on points of interest and some fun facts about them. It's a heck of a journey so far. From The Redhorn Gate and through The Long Dark, we hope your adventures are filled with the wonders of Middle-Earth!

Special thanks to Chris Bouchard for permission on the use of their music soundtrack and to our fans for their encouragement


"Time? What time do you think we have?" -Saruman

Well, Sharkey, we have time once again to devote to the game we love! The clouds have cleared and fair weather is upon us once again. It's good to be back podcasting and we both want to thank everyone for the well-wishes and encouraging messages. They've really been uplifting. As I write this, Kevin and I have outlined a lite but fun comeback show getting us back up to speed with the goings on of the current - and soon ending- expansion set. Join us as we literally run the path of the adventure pack quests and smell a few roses as we catch up with everyone else.

And who knows, maybe there's something Hobbity thrown in as well...

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